It is difficult to picture the Lord Jesus complaining. However, as I read the gospels, I keep coming across a rather consistent complaint of his. Hint: it has to do with faith, or more specifically, the lack of faith. I did a rough count and found about ten passages in which Jesus scolded the disciples for having “little faith,” “no faith,” or “their unbelief.” One time he asked them pointedly, “Where is your faith?” In his own home town, Jesus was amazed (and not in a good way!) at their lack of faith and “did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief” (Matt. 13:58). Even after he rose from the dead, Jesus appeared to the eleven apostles and rebuked them for their “unbelief and hardness of heart” (Mark 16:14). Jesus spoke of many things, but it certainly seems that the topic of faith was of tremendous importance.

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