October 8, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                St. Padre Pio Pray for Us!            

Dear Friends, 

“For such a time as this”This phrase has been echoing in my mind and heart as I witness the crisis enveloping the Church in our day. It is certainly not a time for “business as usual!”

“For such a time as this… Queen Esther made a bold move to enter uninvited before the king in order to plead for her people (see Esther 4:14). 

“For such a time as this”…John the Baptist made a bold move to publicly rebuke Herod Antipas for taking his half-brother Philip’s wife, Herodias (see Luke 3:19).

“For such a time as this”…God raised up the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to be a force and a voice of gospel truth among God’s People. For some 50 years we at CCRNO have endeavored to be faithful to that call and mission from the Lord. Only with the financial support of friends and supporters like you have we been able to do that.

Throughout those 50 years, CCRNO has invested in young people to carry the torch of faith and renewal. “For such a time as this.” Alex Lorio came through the CCRNO youth group as a teenager. He now serves as a high school theology teacher and CCRNO youth leader. His excellent article about the current crisis is included in this mailing. Casey Sprehe and Matt Bourgeois, two other alums from the CCRNO youth group, now serve on the National Service Committee. Casey and Alex serve on the Conference Steering Committee. CCRNO is proud and blessed to have had a part in their spiritual formation, as well as multiplied hundreds of others like them.

 “For such a time as this”…Please help us! This is the only year-end appeal we will make. We hold no other fund-raising event. Our income has been declining and we are feeling it. Please use the envelope provided and make a generous check to CCRNO.

“For such a time as this”…May all of us be ready to stand up and make the bold move the Lord desires!

 In the Holy Spirit,

Archdiocesan Liaison

The 50th anniversary of St. Pio’s death was September 23. 

He is a special intercessor for CCRNO and we entrust

each of you and your families to his prayer.