“Blow the trumpet in Sion…” (Joel 2:1)

Attendees at the 2017 Fresh Fire gathering held August 26 at St. Benilde experienced this quite literally! Thanks to the efforts of Deacon Larry and Andi Oney, two shofars (antelope and ram’s horn) sounded various blasts in keeping with the theme of “Golden Jubilee Restoration.” Deacon Larry explained in detail the concept of the Jubilee Year as found in the Old Testament and challenged the attendees to appropriate the Jubilee promises to themselves today. Andi Oney described the historical ecclesial events leading up to the beginning of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal at the Duquesne Weekend in February 1967. She emphasized that Our Lady should occupy a significant place in the Renewal just as she did in the Upper Room at the first Pentecost.
Patti Mansfield, a participant in the Duquesne Weekend 50 years ago, spoke about the Golden Jubilee Celebration in Rome with Pope Francis and a crowd of 50,000 Catholic Charismatics from all over the world. She focused on the three prophetic words given during this celebration, given by Ralph Martin, Michelle Moran, and herself. She concluded her presentation by calling everyone to repeat “I am not ashamed”…I am not ashamed of the gospel. I am not ashamed of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit, Baptism in the Spirit, the gift of tongues, charismatic gifts, witnessing…
Fresh Fire is an annual gathering sponsored by CCRNO. It was formerly for leaders and those in ministries, but in recent years has been open to anyone interested. The 2017 event was the largest ever, with approximately 130 attending from across the region. Jamie Diliberto and Tongues of Fire provided the music and Al Mansfield was MC for the day. Fresh Fire 2018 will take place on Saturday, August 25. 

! It was a marvelous day of praise and expectation for what the Lord will have for us in the years to come. We were privileged to be a part of the Fresh Fire event. I am still in awe of what God has done and is doing. All glory to the King!

The Fresh Fire event today was wonderful. So, so many words and parts of teachings spoke so very powerfully to my heart!  I really have to “ponder all these things in my heart” so that they truly take root in my spirit. Thank you so  very much for everything you do to bring so many of us closer to our Lord. There was so much JOY there!  Loved it!  I am grateful to the Father above that He has placed me is the company of so many wonderful, Godly, friendly people. May He richly bless you for all y’all do.