Golden Jubilee Consecration of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to Our Lady

By Bishop Alberto Taveira Corrêa



May 31, 2017, Feast of the Visitation, St. Mary Major Basilica, Rome
Golden Jubilee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Mary, Mother of Nazareth, the Spirit covered your life and your soul, and the Word made flesh came to the world. We thank you for your yes, and pray to you that this great Current of Grace, the Charismatic Renewal in its many different expressions, may open up hearts so that the Spirit comes to us. Teach us how to pray.

Mary, you went to the mountains of Judah to love and to serve. Mary, Mother of Charity, Mary of the Magnificat, grant us the grace of praise in the life of all the Charismatic Renewal.

Mary of Bethlehem, grant us the grace of Jesus being born and reborn in our prayer groups and in our communities.

Mary of the Presentation in the Temple, we ask from you the grace of welcoming the Mystery of the Cross and the sword that comes upon us, so that we may know that Jesus is a sign of contradiction and that this should not lead us to fearfulness but to courage, with the disposition to total faithfulness.

Mary of Nazareth, you who have treasured and pondered all things in your heart, grant to us from the Lord the grace of keeping all things in our hearts, especially those present in the simplicity of the daily life of our prayer groups and of our Communities.

Mary of Cana, who taught us to put into practice the words of Jesus, grant us the grace of always keeping the Bible in our hearts and in our hands.

Mary of the Cross, faithful disciple, Mother of all of us, you who stood near the Cross of your Crucified Son, we want to welcome you and take you to what is ours.

Mary of Resurrection, Mary of Pentecost, this is our place! Here we feel at home, your home. We are at our place in the Church, which is the Marian and Charismatic dimension of the Church. Make us faithful in all the expressions of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal all over the earth.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, Mother of the Church, Mary of Pentecost, pray for us! Amen.