2018 Day of Refreshment


“We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight”

The annual Women’s Day of Refreshment sponsored by Catholic Charismatic Renewal of New Orleans was, as always, a truly Spirit-filled day. Many newcomers were welcomed by the joyful sound of praise and worship led by Mercy Beaucoup from Baton Rouge. Various aspects of our theme, “We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight, were threaded into testimonies and teachings.


Kim Lukinovich shared with us an intimate conversation that she had with the Lord. She asked Him, “Why is the sky blue when you could have used any color like violet or green?” Of course, the answer had to do with the Blessed Mother and her purity of heart.  Janice Charbonnet testified to the power of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in her life and challenged us to ask God to surprise us with His plans for our lives.


Patti Mansfield gave each of us a picture of a mosaic, the Annunciation by Fr. Marko Rupnik which depicted the verse: Luke 1:38, “Then the angel left her.” She reminded us that Mary didn’t have angelic visitations all during her life and, like us, had to learn to “Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.”


Small group discussions and personal prayer ministry flowed from the atmosphere of praise and deeper surrender to the Lord. It was a day of blessing as we, like Mary, gave our fiat to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit in faith as she did. There was an overwhelming response to the power of the Holy Spirit as many ladies in attendance plan to attend an upcoming Life in the Spirit Seminar for more teaching and encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit. It was a Day of Refreshment indeed!

Our Retreat Team were preparing for an Act of Consecration to Mary on the Feast of Our Lady of Pepetual Help. We were especially grateful when we had to find an alternative meeting place that Our Lady of Perpetual Help opened her arms to welcome us to the church and school named in her honor.


And then the angel left her.