2019 Holy Spirit Women’s Retreat Report

For Such A Time As This

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For Such A Time As This

This year CCRNO celebrated our 31th Holy Spirit Women’s Retreat and what a celebration it was!  The retreat was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Msgr. David Toups, was the principal speaker and he broke open the Word of God for 400 women from 13 states. The results were amazing. Conversions. Healings. Fresh anointing with charismatic gifts. In the midst of a trying time for the Church, Msgr. Toups’ presence instilled new hope and joy in the women present.  He had so much wisdom to share that is worth pondering for a long time to come.  “Our faith is not in Church personnel but in a PERSON who is Jesus Christ the Lord.”  CDs of all presentations are available.  Call CCRNO to order or download CD order form below.

Moving testimonies were given by Leila Benoit, Judy Roman, Barbara DeVries, and Pauline Ayala.  The Saturday morning session entitled, “The Feminine Genius: Who Me?” by Janice Charbonnet was a favorite among those who attended.  Patti Mansfield spoke in the afternoon on the topic of Spiritual Warfare, “He Trains my Hands for War.” Deacon Larry and Andi Oney led the Empowerment Session Saturday night.  They addressed the women as “Daughters of Zion” and the Lord called forth a time of crying out for families, the country, and the Church.  Many women were deeply touched as they prostrated themselves in prayer.  The weekend also included a Life in the Spirit Session for newcomers, powerful liturgies, Eucharistic adoration and prayer ministry.  Music was beautifully led by Merci Beaucoup from Baton Rouge. This year there was even a photo booth on the theme, “For Such A Time As This,” thanks to Anne Clavin.  Be sure to check out our new Facebook page at CCRNO Holy Spirit Women’s Retreat for more photos.

All glory to God for this time of renewal and empowerment!

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