2019 Day of Refreshment


“Amazed and Astonished”


The annual CCRNO Women’s Day of Refreshment was attended by close to 200 women from around the area. It was held June 29th at St. Matthew in River Ridge. The theme was “Amazed and Astonished”. The decorations reflected a surprise party theme with a multitude of balloons, huge exquisitely wrapped presents and dozens of delightful flowers. The day opened with praise and worship ushered in by music ministry Mercy Beaucoup. Praise and Worship continued throughout the day setting an atmosphere of expectation for what the Lord would do. Janice Charbonnet led the morning with wit and charm, reflecting her zeal for the Lord and her compassion for women. There were many newcomers and already they are asking when is our next event!


Stephanie Clavin, recent LSU University Medalist graduate in Graphic Design, shared her testimony about what the Lord has done in her life to amaze and astonish her. Three simple words prayed from her heart in the midst of a painful heartbreak…”God surprise me.” , brought her to a deeper and more profound understanding of who Jesus is to her. 


Terry Canale shared her testimony about how God is in the details of our everyday life and how He sustained her through trails of breast cancer, being a caregiver for ailing parents and reminding us to encourage each other daily while it is still today.  


The ladies then broke into small groups which are always a favorite as a time of fellowship and sharing. 


The afternoon featured a testimony by CCRNO Veteran and radio talk show host Mary Bond. She has spent her life proclaiming the name of Jesus and she publicly thanked Al and Patti Mansfield for their work in the Charismatic Renewal which has been a catalyst for her life’s assignment. Mary encouraged the women to stand their ground and believe that in the name of Jesus they have the power and authority to defeat the enemy.


Andi Oney presented the last teaching of the day encouraging us to live out the anointing that we received at Baptism and to live a life with Mary as the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Andi reminded us that when we put ourselves in a place of humility like our Lady and look up to heaven, we see things in a different light. God wants to Wow us! Amazed and Astonished are two words that are used in the word of God to describe reactions to certain situations in scripture. Andi broke these down for us in ways that we could relate to, understand and remember.   


Patti Mansfield’s sharing the prophetic word given to her by the Lord at this years’ Catholic Charismatic Conference in March. “I am releasing upon you a torrent of grace, not just a current of grace, but a torrent of grace. Receive it. The Spirit and the Bride say, come.” 


The Day of Refreshment closed with Mercy Beaucoup leading us in the original song by Sean Tobin, “Overshadow Me” where the power of the Holy Spirt was in full force. 


With the smiles of joy, excitement and contentment on the ladies faces at the end of the day, it is easy to say that the Lord continues to Amaze and Astonish.