Isaiah 55:1-3,
Psalm 145,
Romans 8:35, 37-39,
Matthew 14:13-21

“Are you hungry? Let me fix you something to eat!” How often we hear those words from a mother, grandmother, or aunt (usually Italian!) as she greets family or friends at the door, before presenting them a big dish of pasta! There is something about the offering of food and drink that invites fellowship and personal communion, on a natural level as well as on a spiritual level. Today’s readings show the Lord’s desire to “give us food in due season.” 


The passage from Isaiah depicts a foreshadowing of the grace   of   the  Messiah   being   given  freely   and   without cost.  But in order to  “delight in rich fare,”   there are some conditions: “come…heed me…come to me heedfully….listen, that you may have life.” The Lord’s food and drink are given lavishly to those who approach him and pay attention to His word.


The Second Reading continues the eighth chapter of Romans with some of the most beautiful, powerful, and reassuring words in all of Scripture. Absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of Christ! God’s love and grace are so overwhelming and all-encompassing that no created thing is able to keep us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord!


The Gospel is the familiar account of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish. Over 5,000 ate and were satisfied, with twelve baskets left over. What is the key line here? Jesus said, “Bring them to me.” As an old gospel song says, “Little is much if God is in it.” If we but bring our meager resources to Him, Jesus can multiply and use them to feed many.


The Lord provides us with food and drink, a sign of His abundant life and saving grace. It has been rightly said that God’s grace is free but  not cheap, purchased as it was by His Body broken for us as our food and His Blood poured out for us as our drink.

Today, let us accept the Lord’s invitation to feast on Heavenly Manna, the Bread of Angels. Let us “come heedfully” to be fed at the Lord’s table so that we may “conquer overwhelmingly through him who loved us.”

Al Mansfield