Like olives in the oil press you are being squeezed.
Like olives in the oil press you are being pressured.
Like olives in the oil press you are being emptied.

For now is the time and now is the hour. Not a time of your desiring nor an hour of your expecting. But this time and this hour have now come upon you and have overtaken you.

It is indeed a time of visitation, says the Lord; not a time of blessings and gifts, but a time of judgment and purification. For my vineyard must be pruned, says the Lord, and my grapes must be pressed. This you are seeing before your very eyes. It is necessary. It must be done. It shall be done, says the Lord. For now is the time for judgment to begin in the household of God.

All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me, says the Lord. Every knee must bow and every tongue confess my Lordship. Pretenders and imposters will be exposed and deposed. They will be seen for what they truly are.

My people in name must be my people in fact. Follow me. Love me. Listen to my word. Obey my word. Acknowledge my authority over you and over the entire universe. Prove yourselves loyal followers of mine, says the Lord. Do not miss this time of visitation, says the Lord; do not miss this time of visitation.

We are experiencing the ongoing effects of COVID – physically, spiritually, psychologically, economically, politically – and almost every way you can imagine. We continue to experience turmoil in the Church in various ways. We witness unrest and violence in our cities and streets. There are scurrilous attacks on our recent nominee to the Supreme Court. And there are serious divisions and tensions in our country as we prepare for the presidential election.

This is the context of this prophetic word. May we listen and ponder. Let us cry out to the Lord for his mercy, grace and the wisdom and anointing power of the Holy Spirit. Finally, let us remember that God loves us and is faithful to help us. “God makes all things work together unto good for those who love him” (Romans 8:28).

Al Mansfield